Lincolnshire Homeless Support

Times are hard and even with two incomes in a single household it an be a struggle. So how do you imagine life to be for those who felt that pinch in previous decades but continued to work hard and now wonder where the next meal will come from?

We are now in the age of super-technology and it is not an easy thought that humans have become considered to be less economical than in previous eras. Times when our daily efforts produced more than machines could. Now it's the other way around. The world is changing and we must all take note that people do now require help from each other. Mistakes and bad lifestyle choices no longer have precedence as reasons for homelessness, it can now happen to anybody! It's time to look to our local areas and begin building systems of support and connection.

Along with many other regional outreach groups we have made it our mission to expose the extent of the issues involved as well as being pro-active in our communities. We aim to provide as much assistance as possible to the most overlooked sectors of society.

Giving whatever it takes

From ex-military to teenage kids! The scale of homelessness in the UK is astonishing and most often it is people with a perfectly normal working background. Not acknowledged by the state. In fact actively pushed under the rug!

Our team of dedicated volunteers are using the force! Sprinting that extra mile to remind people that humanity does still exist! We are in the business of providing good things and we do real things to support and feed real people!

You may be surprised at the difference you can make with the smallest of gestures. If you would like to work on the ground with our soup kitchen please do let us know. This is also a chance to expand on the things you understand, experience alternative lifestyles and develop an even broader character.

Perhaps the area that you live in would benefit from Still Human Outreach? We can advise on the best ways to get started and gather local support.


Anybody can donate on several different levels. Whether you are able to help spread the word about our work and gather interest in your area, source and collect items and/or drive and distribute them with us, it is certainly all welcome.

We are not a registered charity but we do pride ourselves on our level of transparency. Some people make regular donations for small amounts and from time to time we do receive larger lump sums. Every penny is accounted for and donations do assist greatly in our ability to volunteer our service freely and effectively. The clothing we gather is taken directly to the streets and to people of all ages and backgrounds who will very much appreciate it. Below are some examples of life-basics that go a long way!

TickDuvets, pillows & sleeping bags
TickJackets & long sleeved tops
TickGloves & Hats
TickBoots & Clean Socks
TickClean male/female underwear
TickThermal clothing of all types
TickSoaps & Deoderants
TickToothpaste & Toothbrushes
TickFemale sanitary items
TickSafety razors & shaving cream/gel

Alternatively, if you have little physical time to spare but would still like to do your bit - We are always keen for people to simply spread the word or do even one thing every day that assists another person free-of-charge. The mentality counts for a lot and it will achieve a lot!

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Please do contact us at any time if you would like to know more about what we do or if you like the idea of becoming involved. We always try to reply quickly and keen to work with other support and outreach groups.

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